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For drivers

30 years' experience of optimal solutions for drivers

The team of Aurika Company takes personal care of a driver, continually working to improve service levels and creating convenient solutions that help to make life around us more convenient.

Maximum comfort with our mobile app

Get full control over your personal account remotely using our mobile app. Contactless fuelling, using payment, discount and rewards cards, quick ordering and much more online. Be the first to know about promotions and discounts.

Bonus card

4 tenge from petrol, 1 tenge from diesel.

Become a member of the Aurika gas station bonus program and get guaranteed benefits from every petrol station. Collect bonuses and use them to pay for your purchases. The more you fuel, the more you win!

Discount cards

25 litres +

Do you prefer to fuel a full tank? Get a 5 tenge discount per liter for purchases over 25 liters. Get your benefit from the first liter immediately!

For retirees

Showing respect for retirement age, we offer a 5 tenge discount for the first 200 liters per month for all pensioners. Save every day with us!

Small business

The team of Aurika Company supports the development of small businesses in the country. We offer a 7 tenge discount for each liter of AI 95 and AI 92 gasoline for individual entrepreneurs.

Club card

Join our club and get a discount for every liter of fuel! We offer - 10 tenge for gasoline and - 5 tenges for diesel fuel. The monthly membership fee is 2,000 tenge. или 1000тг

Gift cards

Litre card

Are you thinking about what to present to an automobile fan? The Aurika gift card with a nominal value of 100 liters or more is a win-win option.

Cash card

A gift cash card is a universal gift for any driver. Choose a denomination of 10 thousand tenges and get a discount of 5 tenges per liter of any fuel.

Active promotions and discounts
for the current month!

Electronic fuel coupons

Start: 18/03/2022
End: 31/12/2022

Our company is constantly working to improve services for customers, and now we offer to use the new service – electronic fuel coupons.

Electronic coupon is a simple and reliable way of cashless payment for fuel.

  • simplified paperwork
  • price fixation for 90 days
  • complete coupon movement report
  • courier delivery of coupons
  • risk minimization of fuel overspending (theft)
  • if a coupon is lost, it is immediately blocked upon written request

It only takes a few steps to get it. Conclude the contract in the sales department – Make payment – Get access to your personal account.

Pay for fuel without leaving your car

Start: 20/07/2021
End: 31/12/2022

How to pay for fuel at gas stations without leaving the car?

Scan the QR code located at the gas station

Specify station number, type of fuel and order amount

Check the order and pay the specified amount

We wait for you at our gas stations!

Antifreeze NORD

Start: 01/11/2022
End: 30/11/2022

NORD antifreeze is a combination of reasonable price and high quality.

Designed for refueling cooling systems of modern gasoline and diesel engines installed in cars and trucks of all brands of foreign and Russian production.

At a special price – KZT 1150.

Promotions and bonuses for certain products

Start: 18/03/2022
End: 31/12/2022

We run promotions and give bonuses on certain products every week. Subscribe to us on social networks and keep up to date with all the events.

Quality control before shipment of fuel from the oil refinery plant

Factory quality control laboratories conduct a comprehensive study of fuel for compliance with GOST and the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. In case of compliance, a quality certificate is issued for each batch.

Fuel safety in railway tanks

Oil products are sent by rail to the tank farms from the refinery. Each tank is sealed with disposable seals and is under carrier security. The arrived fuel must be checked in certified laboratories of bulk plants before being unloaded into storage tanks.

Fuel delivery to filling stations

Fuel is delivered from tank farms to filling stations by road. In order to ensure the safety of the quality and quantity of the product at the exit from the bulk plant, each compartment of the tanker is sealed with a one-time numbered seal. All Aurika fuel trucks are equipped with GPS trackers, which provide remote monitoring of fuel transportation along the entire route.

Fuel quality control at filling stations

Upon arrival at the filling station, the fuel passes the acceptance check. Before being unloaded from the fuel tanker into the underground tank of the filling station, the fuel is checked for the absence of mechanical impurities and water. Control of these parameters eliminates the risk of foreign liquids getting into the oil product and their mixing.

Monitoring the operation of fuel-dispensing units

Each Aurica filling station undergoes a monthly sudden check of the fuel-dispensing units filling level and the fuel quality with using mobile laboratories. If any deviation of the parameters from the standard is detected, the implementation will be immediately stopped.

Comments and opinions

"“Aurika LLP is a repeated winner in tenders for the purchase of diesel fuel and gasoline. It has established itself as a reliable partner-supplier. During the entire period of cooperation, deliveries were made on time and in full. In the course of work, the employees of the company showed a high level of professionalism”."

Yerbol A. Bektursyn

Head of the Transport Department of the University Medical Center Corporate Fund.

"“During the period of our cooperation, Aurika LLP has shown itself as a competent, efficient supplier and the desire to do its job efficiently and on time, has become for us the ideal of mutually beneficial cooperation”."

Akparov Daulet Jambuovich

Manager of the Logistics Department of KAZTEKHNOLOGII JSC

"“The Aurika Company has gained a reputation as a reliable supplier in the fuel and lubricants market. City Ambulance Station State Municipal Enterprise on the Right of Economic Management under the Akim’s Office of Nur-Sultan city notes your attentiveness to the client's requirements, efficiency and professionalism. Round-the-clock regular service at gas stations, timely replenishment and provision of reports on smart cards and of course the quality of the goods always meet the stated requirements”."

Mazhitova Laura

Senior Manager of Legal Support and Public Procurement Department

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