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For the state

Diligent participant in public procurement

Aurika Company has taken part in public purchasing for more than 25 years. We are a reliable participant that has proven to be a stable supplier. Last year alone we provided fuel for more than 600 tenders.

We participate in all types of public procurement

Aurika Company actively participates in open tenders, electronic bidding, and stock auctions. We promptly respond to a price quote request and provide all the necessary documents for the purchase from one source.

Why trust us?

Quality and stability in service delivery

We cooperate only with reliable manufacturers of high-quality fuel in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia and constantly improve service, safety, and fuel quality.

High qualification and experience

We believe that meeting public requirements is the foundation of all public procurement. To this end, we adopt the world's best practices combined with years of experience in this field.
We strive for continuous development not only of our company but also of the country. Relying on our colleagues' innovative experience and skills from all over the world and our employees' professional knowledge, we are moving in the right direction.

Financial stability

Financial guarantees of the country's leading bank protect us against negative external influence. It gives government organizations ground to trust us as a supplier. Stability and solvency serve as indicators of such resilience.

Compliance with international standards

Aurika Company is constantly investing in testing and certification of technological equipment and supplied fuels to comply with all national and international standards and regulations.

Support and close collaboration

Proper training of employees, structuring of specific projects, reporting throughout the entire procurement and delivery process - all these help us remain a convenient and reliable supplier.

Your personal manager

A qualified specialist will help you resolve any issue and protect your interests.

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      Our position in the state registries

      Conscientious participant in public procurement since 1997


      Declaration of conformity for gasoline АI-92 No. KZ.7500610.24.01.00016, until 23.10.2023

      Declaration of conformity for gasoline АI-95 No. KZ.7500610.24.01.00021, until 11.12.2023г.

      Declaration of conformity for gasoline DT-L-K4
      No. KZ.7500610.24.01.00017, until 27.11.2023

      Declaration of conformity for gasoline DT-L-K5
      No. RU Д-RU.АД17.B.00901/19, until 23.08.2022

      Declaration of conformity for gasoline DT-Z-К5
      No. RU Д-RU.АД17.B.02008/20, until 15.10.2023г.

      Declaration of Conformity for jet fuel RT
      № , до

      Quality Certificates

      Quality Certificate of AI-92 gasoline
      No. 426, GOST 32513-2013, until 23.10.2023.

      Quality Certificate of AI-95 gasoline
      No. 4, GOST 32513-2013, until 11.12.2023

      Quality Certificate DT-L-K4
      No. 208, GOST 32511-2013, until 27.11.2023

      Quality Certificate DT-L-K5
      No. 35713, GOST 32511-2013, until 23.08.2022.

      Quality Certificate DT-Z-K5
      No. 37375, GOST 32511-2013, until 15.10.2023.

      Quality Certificate of fuel for jet engines RT
      No. 7, GOST 10227-86, until 27.06.2021.