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Continuous improvement of service, safety, and product quality directly depend on solutions' development and innovativeness. Thus, our vector of motion is the high-tech growth of the fuel industry.

UzChemPlastExpo 2022

The international exhibition “UzChemPlastExpo” is an important event in the chemical and plastic industry of Uzbekistan and provides an excellent opportunity for enterprises to demonstrate their products, new technologies, their experience, identify new niches for organizing a more optimal production method, create new prerequisites for the development of this industry.


April, 2022

Innovative and sustainablesolutions are our priority

We have found that each enterprise's success and growth are clearly linked to innovation. For example, in the fuel industry, they focus on using technological resources oriented towards fuel quality and process safety, and environmental management.

For the Republic of Kazakhstan, innovative tools at all stages of oil processing are essential since this industry is one of the dominant in the economic structure.

We strive not only for our company's innovative development but also the country's overall progress. To this end, we combine the innovative experience of our colleagues from all over the world and our employees' professional knowledge. The ultimate goal of this hard work is the implementation of new projects, customer satisfaction, and public trust.

We believe that adopting ecological methods that guarantee a prosperous world for all and using clean and renewable energy sources is the key to sustainable success and achieving the best results!

Let's work towards a better future together!

Yours faithfully,
General Director of LLP "Aurika" Sergey Serebryakov


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MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2021

International Exhibition of Spare Parts, Automotive Components, Equipment and Goods for Car Maintenance August 23-26 Expocentre Fairgrounds

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