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and Associations

Geographical expansion of services is an essential part of the company's growth. That is why we are constantly expanding our gas station chain through partnerships with other gas station networks. We believe that such cooperation benefits not only clients but also our partners themselves. Favorable terms and additional privileges make it possible to use such cooperation as a competitive advantage in local markets.

Become a partner of Express Processing

Launch your own fuel, discount, bonus and gift cards, electronic tickets, and QR codes that your customers can use at all gas stations inside the Express system. Simplify and automate goods and fuel accounting at the gas stations. Enjoy the benefits of being a part of the national fuel network.

Etalon Region LLP (ТОО «Эталон Регион»)

Etalon Auto Company is a network of modern gas stations located in the northern regions of Kazakhstan, namely: North Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Akmola regions. Today our company has 32 filling stations operating under the single brand "Etalon Auto".

Shelf LLP filling station chain

The SHELF company was founded in 1996 in Petropavlovsk (North Kazakhstan region). Today the company includes: 3 junction bulk plants at the following railway stations: Kiyaly, Sula, Mamlyutka - focused on servicing agricultural producers during the periods of sowing and harvesting companies.

Kostanaynefteprodukt LLP (ТОО «Костанайнефте продукт)

Kostanaynefteprodukt LLP (ТОО «Костанайнефте продукт») is one of the leading sellers of fuels and lubricants. It is the operator of an bulk plant in the Kostanay city and in Priuralskoye village, oil tank farms in the cities of Zhitikara and Arkalyk, an extensive network of filling stations, covering almost all districts of the Kostanay region.

MONOLIT (МОНОЛИТ) filling stations chain

MONOLIT (МОНОЛИТ) is a network of modern filling complexes located in Pavlodar city. The company is one of the leaders in the market of oil products in Northern Kazakhstan, providing quality service and services, fuel from leading oil refineries.

Partnership benefits

Automatization and control

Get full control over all processes at your gas station network. Fuel density, sales, product balances, goods arrival at each gas station - all this information is available in real-time. Manage your store, keep track of coupons and cards, including their issuing and distributing, activating and blocking managing discounts, and maintaining automated reports from anywhere in the world!

A growing number of customers

The constant growth in the number of customers is the key to the company’s successful development. Discover new opportunities for attracting potential customers with the tools we provide, such as discounts, bonus and fuel cards, electronic coupons, and promotional codes. Get additional profit from serving clients of partner networks from all over Kazakhstan.

Advantages in any tender

Winning a tender brings new opportunities for any business. The Express system makes it possible to facilitate participation, helping to overcome any tender limitations, such as validity period, delivery terms, the gas station location, and more. Your coupons, fuel cards, and bulk delivery are now available in any network inside the Express system.

Minimum investment - maximum benefit

Free activation of the gas station in the system. In most cases, there is no need to incur additional hardware costs. We provide free staff training, technical support, repair and installation services, administration, and more. All these are the advantages of being a part of the Express Processing system. Wherein the size of the processing commission is only one tenge per liter.

Be independent with benefits of national network

Stay independent by being part of a large family. Gain the competitive advantages of a large gas station network with innovative management and control tools without losing the ability to make your own decisions. Don't miss your chance to be the first in the market by taking full advantage of new opportunities.

Let’s be partners?

Join Express Processing now and become part of a solid partnership. Check out all the advantages of siding with the largest gas station network in Kazakhstan!

Permanent member of the Association of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs (ОЮЛИП) Kazakhstan Fuel Association

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    Over ten gas station networks are already using all the opportunities of partnership. We are always looking for growth opportunities and are open to cooperation!