Date: May 16-18,  2023

Kazakhstan, Aktobe

The international exhibition of equipment and technologies for the chemical, oil and gas industry “AktobeNefteKhim” has become a meeting place for foreign manufacturers with specialists from domestic enterprises of the petrochemical and gas industry to exchange experience and relevant information, establish contacts, in order to promote new technologies and equipment to the enterprises of the Aktobe region.

Taking into account the prospects for the development of the industrial sector in this region, huge production capacities, favorable geographical position, the holding of the AktobeNefteKhim exhibition has become a significant event for the further economic development of the region.

Advantages of participation in the AktobeNefteKhim exhibition:

  • entering the market of the largest industrial region of Kazakhstan.
  • the opportunity to communicate with the maximum number of specialists not only in the Aktobe region, but also in the neighboring regions of Kazakhstan, Russia, the acquisition of new contacts.
  • the possibility of strengthening current partnerships in Kazakhstan, discussing further cooperation.
  • the possibility of studying the needs of potential customers on the site.
  • the possibility of participating in the Conference, as well as holding an individual seminar or presentation.
  • visiting the largest industrial enterprises of the Aktobe region in order to get acquainted with managers and leading specialists, exchange contacts for further cooperation, and form targeted proposals for these enterprises.
  • prices for participation in the AktobeNefteKhim exhibition are the lowest prices at exhibitions on similar topics in Kazakhstan + receiving discounts at an early stage of applying for participation.