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The leading integrated fuel company provides oil products management, transportation, sale, and storage services throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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    Fuel quality

    Quality control before shipment of fuel from the oil refinery plant

    Factory quality control laboratories conduct a fuel comprehensive research for compliance with GOST and the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. In case of compliance, a quality certificate is issued for each batch.

    Fuel safety in railway tanks

    Oil products are sent to the bulk plants by rail from the refinery. Each tank is sealed with disposable seals and is in the custody of carrier. The arrived fuel must be checked in certified laboratories of bulk plants before being discharged into storage tanks.

    Fuel delivery to filling stations

    Fuel is delivered from bulk plants to filling stations by road. To ensure the safety of the quality and quantity of the product at the exit from the tank farm, each compartment of the tanker is sealed with a one-time numbered seal. All Aurika fuel tank trucks are equipped with GPS trackers to make remote control of fuel transportation along the entire route.

    Fuel quality control at filling stations

    Upon arrival at the filling station, - the fuel passes the acceptance check. Before being discharged from the fuel tanker into the underground tank of the filling station, the fuel is checked for the absence of mechanical impurities and water. Monitoring of these parameters eliminates the risk of foreign liquids getting into the oil product and their mixing.

    Monitoring the operation of fuel-dispensing units

    Each Aurica filling station undergoes a monthly sudden check of the filling level of the fuel-dispensing units and the quality of the fuel using mobile laboratories. If any deviation of the parameters from the standard is detected, the implementation will be immediately stopped.


    19.06.2024 – 21.06.2024 Almaty, Kazakhstan, Rixos Almaty The international industrial exhibition “EXPO EURASIA KAZAKHSTAN 2024”

    AktobeNefteKhim 2024

    15.10.2024 – 17.10.2024 Aktobe city., Kazakhstan 4th international specialized exhibition of the oil, gas and

    Industry events

    Development in the modern world is important for everyone. We never stand still! By participating in exhibitions and conferences, we adopt international experience and innovative knowledge that help us to be one step ahead of our competitors. With all the important events of the industry, we share with you, stay up to date with important events always!